5 amazing features of service center bhubaneswar services for microwave repair

1. Service Guarantee
Unlike any other service provider, Service Center Bhubaneswar Company with plenty of trained service professionals provide even the service guarantee. Guarantee of service is given for 30 days. In case you are not satisfied with the service quality or the repair work, you get to avail services again within 30 days guarantee period.
2. Professional Experts
Service Center Bhubaneswar Company has 65000 plus professionals. License and certifications of all the professionals verified before they are listed on Service Center Bhubaneswar Company. While hiring a professional, you have an option to chat with them. You can also check customer review to know the service quality feedback. Service Center Bhubaneswar Company very well understands that trust takes years to build. That’s why they stand for the highest standards of professionals and skilled experts. With stringent background verification and extensive training, Service Center Bhubaneswar Company assures to give you expertise services.
3. Nominal Service Charges
As soon as you place the request on Service Center Bhubaneswar Company portal, expert technician will visit your place for inspection of kitchen appliance i.e. microwave. After inspection, he will suggest you repair options along with quotations for each repair option. You can decide whether to go ahead with the repair or not. You need to pay the minimal service charge for inspection if you choose not to go with the repair option. Sometimes there will be offers on certain time period for nil service charges.
4. Customer centric
Customer feedbacks are taken very seriously by Service Center Bhubaneswar Company. The main motive of Service Center Bhubaneswar Company is to provide the service that can exclusively suitable for every customers requirement. Professionals also provide job card once the work is done summarizing the repair work.
5. Completely secure
Professionals of Service Center Bhubaneswar Company carry their identification card and they do come in uniforms. Professionals of Service Center Bhubaneswar Company are licensed by government along with satisfying in-depth verification and scrutiny. This ensures the customers of servicecenterbhubaneswar a high level safety.

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